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2015 Artist Sign-Ups!

This amazing Ruby is brought to you by scarletscarlet; please leave feedback in the comments!

You've read the rules and deadlines? And the FAQ? And you love Gen and/or Ruby 2 and are totally psyched to make pretty things featuring her amazing face?

Well, then were are happy to have you onboard for The 2015 Genevieve/Ruby 2 Teensy Bang!

To sign up, copy and paste the following form into a comment on this here entry. If you're uncomfortable leaving your email address in a public post, you are welcome to email the form to the mods at genteensybang@yahoo.com. Also, remember to join and watch this comm, or you'll have a hard time seeing the claims post on Saturday, March 7th! Requests are moderated, but we will approve your membership as soon as we can.

The deadline to sign up is Friday, March 6th

If you'd like to promote the comm, please copy and paste the code for the pretties under the cut! Friends don't let friends miss their chance to participate in the teensiest bang! 

image by scarletscarlet

image by ghostyouknow27

image by scarletscarlet

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